Dial Chemical provides a custom emulsion solution for your fiberglass coatings needs.  Every emulsion is custom tailored for each fiber glass plant, because every fiberglass plant is different. Our products include binders, sizings, coatings, and emulsions.  We can set up your fiberglass plant or Fiberglass furnace with the glass fiber coating solution you are looking for.

A collection of chopped mat fiber glass

Major advantages of Dial Chemical products

Fiberglass plants find three major advantages when using Dial Chemical products .

Advantage One - Superior Performance Increase Strength &                            Flexibility

The glass fibers coated with Dial Chemical sizings have superior performance characteristics allowing the glass strands increased strength and flexibility.

Advantage Two - Semi-Liquid Not Solids Thus Easier to Work with

Dial Chemicals emulsions and sizing products require less prep time before being applied to the glass fibers.  This is because our products are liquids and not solids; therefore, not requiring heating before final prep work and being applied to the glass.

Advantage Three - First-Rate & The Latest Generation Glass Fiber Coating Technology

You are getting your glass coating technology or sizings from a specialty supplier and manufacturer, and not from your competition or another fiberglass plant.  When you acquire your coatings or sizings from your fellow Fiberglass plants or competition, they may be supplying you with their older technology and second-best coatings products in relation to their best coatings or current coatings technology.



Glass fiber coating products

Our most popular line includes three basic product lines. The 1000 series product is our film-formers.  The 2000 series includes our lubricants, and the 3000 series is our coupling agents.

1000 Series - Film-formers
2000 Series - Lubricants
3000 Series - Coupling Agents

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